Toronto Charter for Physical Activity

Just released today global consultation for the “Toronto Charter for Physical Activity.”

Here is a snip from their website:

“The aim of this consultation is to collect feedback from a wide variety of interested stakeholders and potential users of the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity, from different regions of the world. We are interested in your comments on the content, format, title and length of the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity to help us finalize the Charter.

The draft Toronto Charter for Physical Activity has been developed by a small working group comprising members of the Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA): The advocacy council of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health in collaboration with the Scientific Committee of the 2010 International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health.”

Visit the Toronto Charter website and you can participate in the development of an International Charter for Physical Activity. I’ve already filled out the survey. Overall I think the Charter is a good document. I know that a lot of work has already gone into it, but with consultation from many different individuals and groups I think that we can make the Charter even better. FYI the site and Charter is available in English, French and Spanish.

Click to read the “Toronto Charter for Physical Activity.”

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