The best thing my city did this year…

The best thing my city did this year…

Interesting article from The Atlantic Cities discussing the best things the cities where the various staff live did this year.

Here’s mine for Saskatoon:

Saskatoon conducted a Household Travel Survey to examine travel behaviours. This is the first travel survey in Saskatoon in a long while. With the population expected to be 400,000 by 2032 the travel survey is a critical element for planning transportation (and the Bus Rapid Transit system). Also, great that the city partnered with me to include some health questions in the survey. Should be able to start analyzing the data in January. Thanks Transportation Branch!

From The Atlantic:

A Chicago bicyclist. (Reuters)

“In Chicago we move by air, water, rail, road, sidewalk and—increasingly—bike lane. This year, Mayor Emanuel launched Chicago’s bike-sharing program, Divvy Bikes, which have been used 740,000 times between the 300 stations throughout the city. We’re a city of neighborhoods, and with more than 200 miles of bike lanes to enjoy, being able to jump on a bike whenever and wherever makes me feel like I’m ‘hacking’ the city, allowing me to see the neighborhoods of Chicago anew.”Ankur Thakkar, Digital Director for the City of Chicago

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