Submission to Fit-City Contest

Here is a little video that I made as part of my entry for the Fit-City contest. I may not quite agree the with name of the contest but the idea was quite interesting and I was glad to submit a entry. Unfortunately, my entry was not selected as one of the five winners and I was not able to go to Sydney. The Fit-City contest is part of the larger health initiative called the Oxford Health Alliance. The OXHA β€œis about preventing and reducing the global impact of chronic disease. It stands for innovative action with diverse stakeholders around three risk factors – tobacco use, physical inactivity and poor diet.” It is a great for people to create links and opportunities for new research.

The video is an exploration of the Health Disparities Report published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health by Mark Lemstra, Cory Neudorf and Johnmark Oponda (2006). The full report is available here. The report examines the health outcomes of low income neighborhoods when compared with high income neighborhoods in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, my home town. My video takes a bit of different spin on the authors interpretation and relates the reports findings to what is known about walkable neighborhoods.

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