BIXI comes to London

I’ve been in London for the last 3 weeks. Exciting times considering the Barcley’s London cycle hire scheme (aka, BIXI London) is getting underway. I’ve been examining the docking stations for the past while. Interestingly, in London the stations appear to be fixed (at least the ones I have seen). For me, the modular docking stations in Montreal make more sense and I’m surprised they were not used in London. Why do modular stations make more sense? Well, I guess there is one main reason with many implications. Essentially, modular stations allow the program to adjust to demand. Using usage data stations can be expanded, shrunk or simply moved a short distance. My observations in Montreal suggest that a lot of changes to station size and location were made between year 1 and year 2. Another implication from Montreal is special events stations that are placed in areas of high demand during events (e.g., Montreal Jazz Festival).

What am I doing in London? Well, I’m here for some meetings with Dr. Steve Cummins at Queen Mary University and Dr. David Ogilvie at the MRC Epi in Cambridge. The meetings are in preparation for an internship in the UK next winter. So far everything has been going well and I think the internship will be very interesting.

I’ll be trying the London cycle hire tomorrow and will write a full report. In the meantime here is a little video just in case you end up in London and need to ride.

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