Bike Community

Bike Community

Got back about a week ago from the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) conference in Seattle Washington. My presentation was about the development of a measure of favourability active living friendly policies we are calling the ALF-P. The presentation is up here. The presentation went well and I think people were interested.

More importantly though, I skipped out on the last part of the conference to visit BikeWorks. The BikeWorks team won the community development award from the Physical Activity Special Interest Group at the conference. It was great to meet a bunch of other bike co-op geeks and get out of downtown Seattle to visit a neighbourhood with a more personal feel.

Side note: I’m a volunteer in Montreal at SantrovĂ©lo. Our co-op is more focus on bike repair and keeping the small fleet of meals-on-2wheels bikes going for meal deliveries.

The visit got me thinking about research in partnership with all of the community bike co-ops out there. Is there any research on these co-ops? Did quick search in pubmed and google scholar . Doesn’t seem to be a lot.

It would be cool to develop a research partnership with community co-ops in Montreal. At the very least to get some descriptive information about who uses the co-ops, membership, demographics, cycling experience, etc. Anyway if anyone has an inkling to get this going, or knows of work happening in other cities send me an email.

Photos below are from a bike repair day I did with a few friends a couple weeks ago.

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