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The following is some shameless self-promotion…

The article of the week this week is titled “Impact Evaluation of a Public Bicycle Share Program on Cycling: A Case Example of BIXI in Montreal, Quebec” and is written by me. The abstract is below.

Objectives. We examined associations between residential exposure to BIXI (BIcycle-taXI)—a public bicycle share program implemented in Montreal, Quebec, in 2009, which increases accessibility to cycling by making available 5050 bicycles at 405 bicycle docking stations—and likelihood of cycling (BIXI and non-BIXI) in Montreal over the first 2 years of implementation.

Methods. Three population-based samples of adults participated in telephone surveys. Data collection occurred at the launch of the program (spring 2009), and at the end of the first (fall 2009) and second (fall 2010) seasons of implementation. Difference in differences models assessed whether greater cycling was observed for those exposed to BIXI compared with those not exposed at each time point.
Results. We observed a greater likelihood of cycling for those exposed to the public bicycle share program after the second season of implementation (odds ratio = 2.86; 95% confidence interval = 1.85, 4.42) after we controlled for weather, built environment, and individual variables.

Conclusions. The implementation of a public bicycle share program can lead to greater likelihood of cycling among persons living in areas where bicycles are made available.

This is one of the first (though there are others) studies examining the impact of a bicycle share program on cycling. Of note, our research team used data from 2 seasons of implementation. More to come with our North American study of bicycle share which includes, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit.

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  1. I ride my bike everyday to work. This research is extremely timely as promotion of physical activity is crucial to our societal health and wellness.


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