Article of the week

The article of the week this week is “Socioeconomic Differences in Cardiometabolic Factors: Social Causation or Health-related Selection? Evidence From the Whitehall II Cohort Study, 1991-2004.” The authors “examine health-related selection in 2 ways: 1) childhood health problems as predictors of adult occupational position and 2) adult cardiometabolic factors as predictors of subsequent promotion at work. Social causation was assessed using adult occupational position as a predictor of subsequent change in cardiometabolic factors.”

As with most studies the authors conclude that health-related selection occurs the ways hypothesized above. Great. A recently published commentary by Nick Ruktanonchai on this paper questions the causal conclusions proposed in the paper. Oh causality… when will we figure you out! Good reading if you like this kinda thing.

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